Aşıkoğlu started his position as the Alanya Public Prosecutor in 2009 and continued until 2013 when he quit his position to initiate his career as an attorney at law.
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CHARTER AGREEMENT Article 1-Section 1 ; Ship broker Place and history Bearing/commercial center (Kl.1) Commuters / commercial center (Kl.1) The ship's name (Kl.1) GT / NT(Kl.1) Summer line load capacity over M/Ton – dwt (Kl.1) The location of the ship as of the present time (Kl.1) Estimated loading readiness date (Kl.1) The loading port or location...

T.C. SUPREME 7. CRIMINAL DEPARTMENT E. 2014/15102 K. 2014/14597 T. 8.7.2014 Case: the decision given by The Local Court was appealed; the application's nature, type of punishment, duration and date of crime according to the file was read and considered after the requirement was discussed: Decision: the appeal of the...