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Aşıkoğlu started his position as the Alanya Public Prosecutor in 2009 and continued until 2013 when he quit his position to initiate his career as an attorney at law.
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Student Registration Agreement

Student Registration Agreement

Article 1-this agreement in question…….. ……. Kindergarten Directorate and student parent ……… ………… between is signed with the following terms.

Article 2 -…. – ….. Monthly full-day fee set for the academic year ….. TL; half day fee…… – TL.

Article 3-parent school fee according to the agreement reached with the school administration,….. Bank …… In the eyes of the branch………….. he deposits it into an account with no, gives a sample of the receipt to the school administration.

Article 4-it is essential that the student enrolled in the school resides in the area where the school accepts students. But if the school quota is not filled, the situation can be evaluated by the school administration.

Article 5-the parent pays the school fee in full for the student’s disability-free absences with the month coinciding with the half-year holiday.

Article 6-the fee paid during the academic year is illness, holiday, etc. it is not returned to the parent with excuses. However, in emergency situations based on fire, natural disaster, epidemic, climate; the property authorities and the provincial hygiene Board consider it necessary and incessantly…. if schools are closed for days or more, the fee received in advance is deducted from the next month’s fee. If the full fee is paid, the mentioned amount will be returned to the parent upon the parent’s application.

Article 7-The Parent informs the school administration of the student’s absence. Students who cannot come to school due to an infectious disease must bring a “doctor’s report” received from medical institutions “that there is no harm in school attendance” after the disease. No excuse for that …. registration of a student who does not attend school on the day is deleted, an unpaid fee is charged, the paid fee is not refunded.

Article 8-medical screenings, which are deemed necessary by the school administration, as well as trips, theaters, etc. transportation of educational events, tickets, etc. the fee is covered by the parent. In addition, kermes, school nights, etc., which the school will organize during the year. the parent also covers the expenses that will be spent on the activities, related to the student. The student has to participate in national holidays, certain days and weeks and other activities to be celebrated at the school.

Article 9-necklaces, earrings, etc.that have high material value for students. ornaments don’t hang out. In case of loss of goods and/or ornaments belonging to the student whose name is not written on it, the classroom teacher or school administration does not accept responsibility.

Article 10-the parent must attend meetings organized by the school administration and the classroom teacher.

Article 11-in order for Education to be carried out in the best way in accordance with its objectives, the school administration, teachers and parents shall make the necessary cooperation. By taking into account the physical facilities of the classrooms, the recommendations of the teachers and parents, the school administration tries to improve within the scope of the opportunities.

Article 12-legal actions necessary for parties that do not meet the terms of the contract shall enter into force.

Article 13-in case of dispute …… courts and enforcement agencies are authorized.

This contract ……/……/..…. 13 (thirteen) articles and two examples in its history have been edited and signed by the parties specified in the initial paragraph.

Student Parent Institution Director

First Name-Last Name-Last Name

Signature Signature

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