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Aşıkoğlu started his position as the Alanya Public Prosecutor in 2009 and continued until 2013 when he quit his position to initiate his career as an attorney at law.
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Petition Of Action Of Debt

Petition Of Action Of Debt




Plaintiff :…….



Lawsuit: claims lawsuit

Subject: our client…… it is the request for collection of the receivables together with the legal interest.

Explanations: 1-Our client , the defendant …….. he has sold passenger cars in his history. According to their written agreement, the defendant … remaining paid in advance ……. they have agreed to pay for the term.If one of the installments is not paid, the other will be deemed to be due. In addition, the defendant has contractually consented to our client receiving injunctive and injunctive lien without guarantee in case of non-payment.

2-Our client delivered the vehicle to the defendant on the Promised Day and sold it from the notary public. He also handed over to the defendant any receipt that the vehicle had no tax or stamp debt.

3-defendant ……. our client must provide ……. he didn’t pay the installment, and he didn’t return any of our client’s numerous calls.

4.Our client heard that the defendant had taken the vehicle to the auto market to sell, and later learned that the defendant had deceived several other people in this way and had not paid their money.

5-our client is contractually obliged to pay the defendant…… it demands that the amount of the receivables be paid with the interest to be processed as of the date of the installment. Because the first installment is not paid in accordance with the contract, the second one is considered to be due. In addition, in order to prevent the transfer of the vehicle to third parties, in order to prevent the transfer of the vehicle to the defendant in order not to be a victim afterwards, the client requests that measures be placed on the license plate.

LEGAL REASONS: UK.related provisions of the nun

Evidence: dated sales contract, witness and other legal evidence.

Answer Time: 10 days.

The result of the request :for the reasons described, our client is the defendant…… with the legal interest to be calculated from the date of the installment of the claim, our client then transferred it to the defendant in terms of not being a victim .. .. …. in order to prevent the transfer of the license plate number vehicle to third parties, we demand that measures be put in place, the costs of the trial be charged to the defendant, the attorney fee of the opposing party be decided in accordance with the amended 164/last paragraph of the Law No. 4667 of the Law No. 1136.



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