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Aşıkoğlu started his position as the Alanya Public Prosecutor in 2009 and continued until 2013 when he quit his position to initiate his career as an attorney at law.
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Paternity Determination And Alimony Petition

Paternity Determination And Alimony Petition



Plaintiff :…….



Subject: determination of paternity and alimony

Explanations: 1-Our client is separated from the defendant after being engaged for 2 years. During these periods of engagement, they went on holiday together and were together many times. There are photos of our client in the hotels and beaches where they were staying together. We will present these to the court as evidence.

2.Our client, who stepped into a very sacred union like marriage in the presence of everyone, trusted his future wife and did not hesitate to enter into such a relationship.

3.when our client told his future wife that he was expecting a baby, the defendant abandoned our client, saying that he had lied to force her to marry and that the child was not his. Our client was hurt and couldn’t leave the house for days. After all, our client gave birth to his child. A girl has brought into the world.

4-the child belongs to the defendant. It is impossible for our client to have a relationship with someone else due to his upbringing and family structure.

5-the child has not been born yet 1 year. It was necessary to open this case against the defendant who did not accept the child in the legal term on behalf of the mother and to obtain a decision from your court in order to restore the child’s life and to seek child support for the child in need of care.

LEGAL REASONS: MK.m 249 et al.

Evidence: witnesses, engagement and sightseeing photos, all kinds of investigations and medical reports, all kinds of evidence.

Claim result: for the reasons described, the defendant of the father of our client’s daughter ……. we demand that it be decided that the child shall be transferred to the Register of the father of the child, that during the continuation of the case the defendant shall pay monthly alimony for the child, that the costs of the trial shall be charged to the other party, that the attorney fee shall be decided on our behalf in accordance with the amended 164/last paragraph of the Law No. 4667


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