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Aşıkoğlu started his position as the Alanya Public Prosecutor in 2009 and continued until 2013 when he quit his position to initiate his career as an attorney at law.
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Offenses Covered By Mediation

Offenses Covered By Mediation

No. 253 of law 5271. in the crimes mentioned in the first paragraph of the article, an attempt is made to reconcile the suspect, defendant, child dragged into the crime and the victim or natural person or private legal entity damaged by the crime.

– An attempt is made to reconcile the upper limit in crimes requiring imprisonment or a judicial fine not exceeding 3 years, provided that the victim or the victim of the crime is a natural or private legal entity in terms of children who are dragged into the crime.

– Except for those whose investigation and prosecution are related to the complaint; in order to go down the path of reconciliation with respect to crimes contained in other laws, there must be a clear provision in the law.

– Even if its investigation and prosecution depends on the complaint, crimes against sexual immunity cannot be reconciled.

– If a crime covered by a suspect or defendant is committed together with another crime not covered by this, the path of reconciliation cannot be taken.


86 Intentional Wounding (3. Except clause)

89 Stab Wounds

106/1 threat

106 as of his assets, he will suffer a large loss

or threaten to bet that some other evil will be done.

116 violation of housing immunity

117/1 violation of freedom of work and work

123 disturbing the peace and quiet of people

125 insults

132 breach of confidentiality of Communications

133 listening and recording conversations between people


134 privacy violation

141 thefts

146 Theft Of Use

156 using a free ticker

157 fraud

159 fraud claims based on a legal relationship

processing for collection purposes

160 items lost or seized as a result of an error

saving on

167 against assets “excluding looting and skilled looting

Crimes ” in the rights of the crimes under the title of separation of one of the spouses, one of the brothers living together in the same residence, living together in the same residence uncle, uncle, aunt, aunt, nephew or second degree Beech is committed to the detriment of his relatives

209 misuse of exposed signature

233/1 breach of obligation arising from family law

Abduction and detention of 234 children

239 trade secrets, banking secrets or customer secrets

disclosure of information or documents (4. except clause)

341 insults against foreign state flag

5271 P. K. m. 253/1-c real or private of the victim or the victim of the crime

in addition, crimes requiring imprisonment or a judicial fine not exceeding the upper limit of three years in respect of children who are dragged into a crime, provided that they are a legal entity

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