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Aşıkoğlu started his position as the Alanya Public Prosecutor in 2009 and continued until 2013 when he quit his position to initiate his career as an attorney at law.
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Immediate Decision Of Acquittal

Immediate Decision Of Acquittal

The decision of acquittal was to acquit the acquittal on the grounds that the action imposed on the accused was not defined as a crime without the need to collect an additional evidence or to investigate it. Immediately, the decision of acquittal was regulated under CMC Article 223/9 under Article End of Trial and Judgment.

How is the right to acquit the acquittal immediately?

There should be no need to evaluate the evidence for an immediate acquittal decision. If it is clear that the action which is understood to have been committed by the evidence is not a crime at the first sight, it is necessary to accept that the conditions of acquittal are immediately established.

The decision of acquittal is a decision which can only be made at any stage of the proceedings, not only at the beginning of the proceedings. It should be understood that the term dır immediate Der does not require further research or evidence collection. For this reason, the court can be given an immediate acquittal decision at the beginning of the proceedings and the acquittal decision may be issued immediately at any stage in which the proceedings are proceeding.

The fact that the defendant was not questioned did not immediately prevent the acquittal of the acquittal. CMK Md. According to 193/2, when the conviction is reached that a decision is made other than a conviction, it can be decided without questioning the accused. CMK Article 193/2 can be applied for all kinds of decisions outside the conviction, and for the immediate decision of acquittal.

What is the purpose of the acquittal immediately?

The trial process is a process that can have an impact on the individual’s social and social life. It was aimed to prevent the wearer from wearing out unnecessarily judicial processes by prescribing the right to be presumed innocence right, right to fair trial and right not to be stained.

Right of acquittal decision and type of acquittal decision

CMK 223/9 of 5271. it does not matter what justification will be given to the acquittal decision in order to apply the acquittal institution immediately. CMK Md. 223/2 of the following 5 reasons can be given the acquittal decision:

The act is not defined as a crime in the law,
The fact that the alleged offense is not committed by the accused,
In the case of the offense of the offender, there is no caste or tax
If the alleged offense was committed by the accused, the reason for the lawfulness of the case was
The fact that the alleged offense was committed by the accused was not fixed.
As a result of the trial of the above-mentioned five, and as a result of the acquittal decision can be given as soon as the proceedings of the proceedings, the decision of acquittal can be made immediately without further trial.

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