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Aşıkoğlu started his position as the Alanya Public Prosecutor in 2009 and continued until 2013 when he quit his position to initiate his career as an attorney at law.
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Fuel Sale Agreement

Fuel Sale Agreement

Article 1-Parties To The Convention;




tax authority:

Tax No:




Name Surname:


tax authority:

Tax No:



Article 2-Subject;

Business this contract is registered with the buyer and the buyer’s asset from the fuel stations indicated by the seller and the seller and the fuel oil to the vehicles whose license plates are shown in the list included in the annex to the contract ….. it’s about getting it.

Article 3-Seller’s Responsibility;

The seller is registered with the buyer’s asset and is obliged to provide monthly fuel oil in the amount of ……-TL for each vehicle if requested to the vehicles whose license plates are specified in the list included in the annex to the contract. Delivery of fuel oil will be made in exchange for the submission of vouchers for the delivery of fully filled goods that the seller gives to the buyer.

Seller, buyer received the amount of fuel oil at the latest …. he’ll bill you once a day, and he’ll bill you…. it will deliver it to the buyer within a day/week.

The unit price in the invoice will be the unit price at the time of delivery of the fuel oil.

Article 4-Buyer’s Responsibility;

Invoices issued by the seller will be paid in cash by the buyer until the end of the following month. Check, promissory note, etc. if made, it is essential that the maturity of these payments does not exceed the end of the following month. In case of delay in payments%…. interest for the delay will be paid at the rate.

Article 5-Duration Of The Contract;

This agreement is valid between …/ …/ … and…/…/….

Article 6-Termination Of The Contract;

Parties …. it may terminate the agreement unilaterally at any time by notifying it of termination for a valid reason in advance of the day. Notifications between the parties will be made through a notary, by registered letter or by an electronic mail system registered using a secure electronic signature.

If any of the seller or buyer quits the business, goes into liquidation or goes into bankruptcy, the contract is terminated by itself.

Article 7-Force Majeure;

In this agreement any of the parties to the loaded responsibilities, the will of the parties that occurs outside of an accident, fire, earthquake, flood, strikes, war, civil war, rebellion, the behavior of any of the administrative authorities, the law or any legal arrangement or the like is considered fulfilled due to the existence of a compelling reason environment. If the force majeure in question … lasts more than a day and makes it impossible to perform the contract, the contract is considered terminated on its own. If force majeure disappears during the contract period, the parties may reconsider the situation and decide on the continuation of the contract. In case of termination of the contract, the obligations arising within the period until the emergence of force majeure shall continue. The parties cannot get rid of their previous obligations under the pretext of force majeure.

Article 8-competent courts and enforcement agencies for Dispute Resolution;

The parties agree that the competent judicial authorities in any dispute that may arise as a result of the interpretation and application of this agreement…..They have accepted and declared that there are courts and executive Directorates.

Article 9-Notification;

In this agreement the parties is located in notified of their address and this address is valid, and any notice will be deemed to be made to address the changes that occur at these locations (…) day period the agreement would be announced to the parties in writing otherwise, communications to be made to the address written in the agreement that would be agreed in advance and attach the sides of the then current legal notice.

Article 10-Effective;

This agreement is a trustee from Article 10 (ten) and between the parties…/…./….. it has been signed as two (2) examples in its history.

SELLER                                                                           BUYER

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