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Aşıkoğlu started his position as the Alanya Public Prosecutor in 2009 and continued until 2013 when he quit his position to initiate his career as an attorney at law.
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Fraudulent Bankruptcy

Fraudulent Bankruptcy


Complaint :



Acting :



Crime: related to fraudulent bankruptcy crime.



1 -) suspect ……,…. He owns the company. They had a period of commercial relations with our client. Our client … … sold construction materials to the suspected Mufti, to be collected in six months ….. It belongs to the bank ….. he received a check number. (Appendix 1)

2 -) three months after this trading relationship between our client and the suspect …./…/….in its history, the suspect announced bankruptcy, and the bankruptcy of the suspect was decided by the decision of the Commercial Court. (Appendix 2)

3- ) but suspect muftis … without a bankruptcy decision by The Commercial Court ….. first, he transferred two apartments registered in his name in the deed to his wife, whom he divorced. (Annex 3) suspect-muftis with …. …. a person named is divorced …. Family Court …./…. E. …./…. K. if the case file is examined, it will also be seen by the court. (Appendix 4)

4 -) it is clear that Muflis is acting with the aim of smuggling goods from his creditors. He spent his assets in the deed to his wife, whom he divorced, as muvazaali.

4 -) for the reasons described, it was necessary to request a public lawsuit against him by conducting the necessary investigation to punish the Mufti, who was clear that he had caused damage by selling our client muvazaali.

Legal reasons: 2004 p. K. m. 311, 5237 P. K. m. 161

Evidence: a copy of a check issued as a result of a trading relationship between our client and the Mufti, an example of a bankruptcy decision issued against the Mufti,…. Family Court …./…. Numbered case file, Land Registry records related to relocation

Conclusion and request : for the reasons described above, we respectfully demand that a public lawsuit be filed on behalf of our client by conducting the necessary investigation to punish the person who transferred his real estate to his divorced wife in order to smuggle property from our client. …/ …/ …


1 -) as a result of the trading relationship between our client and the Mufti …. A copy of a check that belongs to his bank …… numbered.

2 -) … an example of a bankruptcy decision made by The Commercial Court … / …Based, …/ … Decision number.

3 -) Land Registry records about relocation

4 -)…… case file of the Family Court……

3 -) one example of an approved power of attorney

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