AŞIKOĞLU LAW OFFİCE | Executive Offenses According To The Law Of Enforcement And Bankruptcy
Aşıkoğlu started his position as the Alanya Public Prosecutor in 2009 and continued until 2013 when he quit his position to initiate his career as an attorney at law.
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Executive Offenses According To The Law Of Enforcement And Bankruptcy

Executive Offenses According To The Law Of Enforcement And Bankruptcy

Enforcement offences are regulated in the enforcement and Bankruptcy Act. Creditors who cannot collect their receivables from the debtor have the right to collect their receivables by force, with the help of the state. In order for the execution of the law of execution and Bankruptcy to be effective, some obligations are also imposed on the debtor in the law. If the debtor does not fulfill these obligations in the form stipulated in the law, sanctions are imposed under the name of execution offences.

The following are the enforcement offences listed in the order of enforcement and Bankruptcy Law:

1-Diminishing its existence with the intention of putting its creditor in harm’s Way (m. 331)

2-To cause incapable by his own verb or to aggravate the malice of his condition knowingly (m.332)

3-Personal benefit in bankruptcy and concordatum work (m.333)

4-Those who have the authority to govern in trading companies shall not pay the debts of the commercial enterprise with the intention of putting the creditors in harm’s way (m. 333 / a)

5-Mislead those responsible for the concordatum. (m.334)

6-The abduction of goods which the lessor has the right to prison on and to have someone else occupy the place that needs to be evacuated (m.335)

7-Failure to give the assets of the bankrupt person to the bankruptcy administration and not to report the bankrupt person’s receivables. (m.336)

8-Not making notification about the declaration of goods. (m.337/1)

9-Failure to deliver the requested goods, failure to be present while recording, failure to comply with the orders of the bankruptcy administration (m.337/2)

10-Violating the provisions of leaving trade. (m.337/a)

11-Lying about declare property (m.338)

12-Not to report the increase in goods and earnings after the declaration of goods. (m.339)

13-Breach Of Commitment (m.340)

14-Avoiding child delivery. (m.341)

15-Re-enter the immovable property and ship that has been delivered. (m.342)

16-To resist the execution of the provisions of the decision. (m.343)

17-Not paying child support debt (m.344)

18-Failure to request the bankruptcy of the capital company when necessary (m.345/a)

19-Withdrawal From Increase To Benefit (m.345/b)


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