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Aşıkoğlu started his position as the Alanya Public Prosecutor in 2009 and continued until 2013 when he quit his position to initiate his career as an attorney at law.
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Contract For Termination Of Employment Contract By Mutual Rescission Agreement

Contract For Termination Of Employment Contract By Mutual Rescission Agreement

This agreement is intended to record the basis for the termination of the contract by agreement on / … / … date of the contract of employment by the person who is working with (the company) in accordance with the contract of employment.

Article 1-Termination Of Employment Contract

(a) the purpose of this agreement is to regulate the mutual rights and obligations of the parties to the termination of the employment agreement with the company by means of a settlement on the date of the employment agreement.
B) … the employment contract of … / … / … is terminated on the date of … / … / … as a result of the substitution.

Article 2-Rights And Obligations Of The Parties

A) The Price Of The Residence And The Penal Condition:

(a) compensation: … accepts that the employment contract has been terminated by mutual compensation and therefore does not qualify for notice and severance pay, and also undertakes that he will not sue for reinstatement.

b) penalty: in spite of this acceptance and declaration … … ‘s … TL penal clauses to file cases against the company in any way without objection …/…/… deposits by banks to process from the date applied to the payment at the highest interest to the company unconditionally agree.

B) The Released Subjects:

1. wages and annexes: … has received the full and complete wages and annexes which it has been entitled to during the duration of the employment contract. There is no fee and you will receive Oct.

2. work outside of the normal work period:………….. He also does not have his work on national holidays and general holidays.

3-year paid leave: … … does not have annual paid leave that it is entitled to but cannot use.

Article 3-Waiver Of Litigation Rights

He agrees that he will not file a lawsuit against the company on any matter as a result of the employment contract , and that he will release the company on all matters relating to the employment relationship.

Article 5-Matters Not Addressed In The Convention

All matters not mentioned in this Agreement shall be subject to the provisions of the labour law, the Code of Obligations and the relevant law, as well as the matters contained in the employment contract and its annexes.

This convention … / … / … has been issued in two copies in the province of … and entered into force by Signature.




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