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Aşıkoğlu started his position as the Alanya Public Prosecutor in 2009 and continued until 2013 when he quit his position to initiate his career as an attorney at law.
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Eviction Due to Commitment

Eviction Due to Commitment






SUBJECT : Eviction Due to Commitment

CASE VALUE : Annual Rental Price …….

EXPLANATIONS : 1-The defendant belongs to our client ……. in the office at the address ……. with a written lease agreement dated from the beginning ……. he lives as a tenant, paying rent.

2-The office where he has been sitting for about 4 years, with a commitment that he gave to our client with his completely free will and his own will after the beginning of the last semester ……. he accepted unconditionally and unconditionally that he would vacate on his date.

3-In accordance with Article 7 / a of the Law No. 6570 to the defendant tenant who does not comply with his written commitment, this commitment ……. The notary public ……. date and ……. he was reminded with his daily notice and informed that he would have to pay all kinds of costs and proxy fees related to the eviction case due to the commitment that would be filed against him otherwise.

4-Despite the warnings and warnings, the defendant did not comply with his written commitment. We are requesting the defendant to be evicted from the rental.

LEGAL REASONS : Law No. 6570 And Related Legislation

EVIDENCE : Lease Agreement, Notice, Commitment

AS A RESULT OF THE REQUEST: For the reasons described, we request that it be decided to evict the defendant from the rented one due to the commitment, to impose trial expenses on the defendant, and to rule on the counterparty’s proxy fee on our behalf as a Lawyer in accordance with Paragraph 164 / last amended by Law No. 4667 of the Attorney’s Law No. 1136.


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